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Fiio M11 LDAC


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I have questions about ldac
I tried connecting my BT headphones (Sony WH-1000XM3) on Note9 & Fiio M11.
Both support LDAC, but I find that it has different results.
I'm not sure if I understand anything wrong.
Fiio M11 does not support LDAC or Poweramp does not support BT Fiio M11?

  • Poweramp version V3 Build 830
  • Fiio M11
  • Android  7 Fiio V1.0.5


Fiio M11


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In case of Bluetooth, AudioTrack output detects currently used sample rate and bit depth. So it looks like LDAC is not selected at the moment for your device / BT device, or it uses standard resolution.

(Poweramp can show currently active codec in Audio Info popup, but support for this - as well as for LDAC codec - was added in Android 8. M11 is on Android 7, so it supports (if it does) LDAC in some non-standard way).

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