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Audio stutter while texting


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The audio always stutters whenever I am texting even if there are no other apps open in the background apart from the player. My phone is relatively new and doesn't really have any performance issues even with multiple apps open anyway. It also occasionally stutters even if I'm not doing anything but that's very rarely. It's mostly only while texting and it's pretty bad. 

I even did whatever the answer in the FAQs suggested but it didn't really work for me. And there isn't a problem with the audio files because they work fine on any other player. 

Btw I use a Samsung Galaxy J8, android version 9, if that helps. 

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5 hours ago, maxmp said:

Your output device (BT / 3.5)and output settings (Hi-Res output, other)?

Try to increase buffer a bit in Settings / Audio / Output / <active output> / <active device> / Buffer Size.

Output device is 3.5mm jack, and output settings are hi-res output. 

I did already increase the buffer in those settings, tweaked it a lot but didn't have any success. 

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