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Chromecast end of play list problem

Pete C

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Hi, I filled out the bug report form for this - not sure if it's better to post here or both...  😕

  • Poweramp v3-build-826-play.
  • Sony Xperia XZ1.
  • Android 9.
  • Chromecast (1st gen, I think) and Cromecast audio (exactly the same behaviour).

When playing to chromecast, the last track to be played in a list (with no repeat) is terminated before (just a second or two) the actual end of the track. The exact amount of time seems to be directly proportional to the chromecast buffer size. Not noticeable on many tracks that fade or have a few seconds' silence at the end but increasing the buffer size can make it noticeable on more tracks. If I reduce the buffer size much below the default, I get glitches on phone wakeup.

Really liking the app generally. 😀

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17 hours ago, maxmp said:

Thanks for the feedback - I can reproduce it, though fix can take time.

Edit: some tweaks for that will be available in next build 830.

Many thanks.  🙂

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