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Audio compression and clipping


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Disclaimer: I have only tested this on BT at the moment as that's what I use the most.

PA Build: 829

Device: Note 8 EU Dual sim.

OS: Android 9 Pie - Whatever latest EU update is (vendor free build).

Audio output tested: BT to Sennheiser HD 4.5 headphones.


I updated in the last few days to build 829 and I can hear a noticeable downgrade in audio quality since.

The music just doesn't seem to have as much room to breath and I am hearing some noticeable audio compression going on. Whenever the sound stage is relatively clear it sounds normal, but when things start getting busy you can really start to hear compression and  sometimes it operating in waves, with things fading in and out in a slow cycle.

In other, simpler, more acoustic tracks I can hear clicks and pop distortion, almost like the audio is clipping.

I have also noticed that I have to have the volume lower now, so could this possibly be explained by a boost in pre-amp volume and Poweramp trying make space for my graphic equaliser settings? This might explain the clipping as well.

I have also noticed that my headphones don't support DVC if that's possible something to do with it (I noticed the extra options in the BT settings - not sure if this is connected)?

I have only noticed the audio problems since the latest update, before the weekend it sounded fine.

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 Try Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults.

On my Samsung S7 with Oreo build 829 says that I have to disable "Bluetooth Media Volume Sync" to get DVC on bluetooth working. I didn't try but rather disabled DVC because that was too much bother, but perhaps that could help you.

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