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Skipping songs is doubled.


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Please specify the following:

  • Poweramp version and build number : v3-build-826-play (full)
  • Your device model: Pixel 3
  • Your Android version: 9


Sorry for my English, not my native language.

So I have this problem since I activated Full version, on trial nothing like that happen.

When I want to skip current song using headphones "remote" by dubble clicking, most of the time it skip current and next song.

Here is a vid to demostrate how it looks:


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I just downloaded the latest version from the Poweramp site, due to a glitch with the Play store version, I'm running Android Oreo, and when I tap the skip track buttons on the player interface or the remote buttons on the headphones, wired and wireless, it skips 2 tracks. I've changed no settings in the app. It just started this glitch in the past 2 weeks. Edit- I'm using Moto G5s plus unlocked.

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