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Player grabs random images from my gallery as album covers


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So I've recently bought this music player and have been mostly really satisfied with everything it has to offer. One thing that has been bugging me since day one though is that the player, if it can not find any to download. I've scanned the potions multiple times but haven't found the option that would allow me to disable that.

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Long-press on the incorrect artwork and you can choose manually if you are not happy with what the automatic systems have found.

I must confess I've never seen it find anything random from my own photo gallery though, only image files that are stored in the same folders as the music files (which is intended behaviour). You can turn this off completely in Settings > Album Art by the way.

Of course the best solution of all is to make sure your music has correctly embedded images in the first place, but that can take some time to do with a large music collection (especially for older CD rips which are less likely to contain images).


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