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1 hour ago, ultrarunner2019 said:


All that means is the the path Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/last.Poweramp-settings  located in internal user storage (may also referenced as /sdcard/). However I doubt the problem is in your PA settings, it's that Android is shutting down and somehow not allowing PA to save its state correctly.

I've stopped using ES File Explorer by the way. It was always my go-to app for file handling, but it became badly bloated and the only way to tame it was to pay. It has been sold from company to company until it ended up with one that is now embroiled in a malware scandal, and Google have pulled all of their apps (including ES File Explorer) from the Play Store. As I could no longer install it from the Play Store on my new device, I'm now trying Sold Explorer which although missing a few things that ES had, is a much leaner and more manageable app.


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