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Hi, I use PA with Android Auto in my car. That works fine when using the touchscreen.

However, when I search music with voice command, then android play the title with the google play music app.

Is there a way to make PA the standard player that will also be used by voice control?

Thanks for any help.


PS: v3-build-828-play / Android 9 / Volvo V60 II

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If it works the same way as Google voice commands, have you tried specifying Poweramp in the command? For example "Play <SongTitle> in Poweramp".

You should be able to set the default by tapping on your user-avatar icon (top-right of the Google Assistant voice listening page) and then select Settings from the menu, then choose Music from the Services tab. However PA does not seem to show up in my list of options there, I only get YouTube and Google Play Music plus some streaming services. I did try selecting No Default Provider, and after a few goes at "Play <SongTitle> in Poweramp" it seems to have worked out that PA should be my default.


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Thanks Andre. I did as you proposed. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. For example, the assistant says that song xy will be played, but nothing happens. I will keep trying.

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