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Can't verify Poweramp License?

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Hello all,

I've been using Poweramp since 2011. I didn't have credit card at the year, so I had someone purchased the unlocker APK. Then I put the APK on Dropbox for convienence.

For many years, the unlocker worked fine, both on phones with and without SIM cards... until today. As usual, I install Poweramp via Play Store and download the unlocker APK from Dropbox. After installing the unlocker, Poweramp always give this message: "Cant verify Poweramp License". Checking the running services related to Poweramp, I can only see Player service. No licensing service at all (screenshots are attached).

This issue happens on all of my devices: Galaxy Note 4 (Android M) with SIM card installed, Xiaomi Mi 5 (Android O, no SIM card), Nokia 3.1 Plus (Android P, no SIM card). None of them are rooted.

Anyone experiencing this?






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@anta40, where you bought Poweramp?

1. If you bought from the Google Play just find Poweramp Unlocker on the  Google Play and install it.

2. If you bought from this site just download latest apk from this site (uni version) and than in the license dialog tap GRT SUPPORT and ask for OrderID for checking purchase.

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