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"Failed to play file!" - skips specific 320 kbps MP3 files

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I recently added an album from Bandcamp to my library, and for some reason specifically tracks 2 & 6 (of 9) are unable to play on Poweramp. In the UI it will fail to load any info on the track for a split second, before just skipping to the following track.

I thought perhaps something corrupted in the download/transfer so I copied over a fresh version, but the issue persists. Tried Rescan and Full Rescan, but to no avail.

They play fine through other music players, both desktop PC and smartphone. I checked the files using Tagscan, and the file details are identical to all the other files on the album that playback just fine.

The only way I've been able to get to play without issue is by swapping out the 320 kbps MP3 files with a V0 variable rate MP3 download instead... but I'd rather not have to rely on that.


Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

Samsung Galaxy S9 (One UI version 1.0, Android version 9)

Poweramp V3 Build 828



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2 hours ago, maxmp said:

Can you please long press this track in Poweramp list / Share / Gmail => gpmaxmpz@gmail.com - and send it me for tests.

Just sent the email, hope it gets through. Thanks in advance!

So far this is the only example I've found of this happening with any of my Bandcamp purchases (probably around 450 digital releases). Interested to know if there's a reason.

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