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What should I do to import a backup music playlist?

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Please help me.I backed up my music list at first, then I uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp. I was unable to import the backed up music list after reloading.

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In case anyone else has the same issue, when Poweramp exports (backs up) any internally created playlists, they are saved as .M3U8  files to a folder on your device - usually /Playlists/ on the internal storage.

To get these newly created files back into a new installation of Poweramp, first copy those .M3U8 files to a location that you want to use for keeping your playlists on the new device - which could be the same folder name if you wish. Then make sure that Poweramp is configured to allow auto-scanning of that location, which is done by ticking the appropriate folder names in Settings > Library > Music Folders.  Once that is done, any playlist files found by Poweramp will automatically be brought into the Playlist category in PA's library.


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