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How to restore playlists


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 As you all know putting together playlists is very difficult and time consuming and it wouldbe a shame to have to lose it all because I've replaced a phone that was broken. I was hoping someone migth be able to help me getting my playlists to work for my player.

I restored my backup data onto my new S7 and I thought it backed up all my playlists. The only problem was when I tried to play a song from the playlist it would come up with "Failed to play - Storage unmounted", I have a new SD cards but I transfered all of the songs from the old one onto the new one in the exact same way and haven't changed the actual files.

So is it just a question of changing the filepath so that it everything gets picked up, how do I "mount" the storage. Does it have something to do with the file format of  the playlists  - m3u8?


Don't know if this is the right place to be asking for advice but would appreciate any help.



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You need to make sure that all of your songs have been scanned into the Poweramp music library before they can be played via a playlist. Go to Settings > Library > Music Folders and ensure that the folder in which you store your music is ticked. Ideally this would be the same place that you also copy your playlist files, but if they are somewhere else please make sure that folder is ticked too.


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