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Play Store Family Library Problem


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A while back I added my father to my family group on Google Play, so that he could test Poweramp.

Since the app is currently on sale for $1, I decided to remove him from the family group and buy it for his account.

Here's the problem:

Nothing I do will allow me to buy the Unlocker on his account, it either throws an error message when clicking the purchase button, or it persists to be displayed as part of the "Family Library".

I checked other apps I own (which he has never downloaded) such as Minecraft and it displays a normal purchase dialog when clicking on the price.

I tried everything, including clearing the cache and uninstalling both Poweramp Trial and the Unlocker, and clearing the cache of all Google Play related apps, and still nothing.

Then I even did a factory reset on the phone and it's still showing as part of the "Family Library" which his account is no longer linked to.

Even using the browser on my desktop computer it shows this:



Is this a bug? Or does it take a certain amount of time for it to take effect that I've removed him from the group?

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