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Background, album art & controls disappear in playback

Jay Jay

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I first noticed this happening yesterday (May 5, 2019) and it persists. During playback, the background, album art, player controls, notification bar (clock included)... everything... disappears and all I see is a solid black screen and the chosen visualization. If I tap anywhere on the screen, everything comes back as it should and after the preset time, everything disappears again and it's back to a black screen with the visualization. I attached a screenshot of what I see.

I hadn't changed any of the settings so I have no clue what's going on or why it just started yesterday but thought maybe some Android system app or Samsung app updated like Samsung Experience and messed with it. I went through the settings and couldn't find anything that I thought might cause this behavior. I couldn't find a master default settings restore so I went into each of the menu items and selected restore default everywhere I could find the option, but I realize a lot of the sub menus also have restore options. None of these had an effect other than bringing the notification bar back during playback which is great but I'd really like to see the UI and album art while music is playing since I mainly use Poweramp in my car.

I looked into a log cat app, including the suggested one which hasn't been updated for years. None of the apps I could find seem work unless you root and all I could see are the logs of the app and not anything to do with the device or running apps. I did find one that worked without root but all it showed was app selection, song play and selection and no system events.

I thought about uninstalling Poweramp and then reinstalling it but would prefer to leave that as a last resort. 

If I do chose to uninstall and reinstall, will I get my full version back? I do still have the Unlocker installed. Are the hoops I have to jump through to get the full version back?


My device info:

Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+

OS: Android 9, Security Patch: April 1, 2019

Poweramp: V3-build-826-play (full version)

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker: 3-build-301


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You have probably tapped on the visualisation icon in the Player screen by accident (lower-left, under the album art). This has three settings - Disabled, Fade Controls, and Full Screen, and it looks as though you may have selected Full Screen.

This control is not duplicated within the Settings > Visualisation menu, which is where you adjust the way the visualisation system works but you cannot turn it on or off from there. @maxmp is there any chance this Disable|Fade|Full control could be duplicated at the top of the Visualisation menu please, as a lot of people have had this issue and it would be much easier for them to solve if the on/off control was also in the specific menu for that feature. 


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