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V3 build 826 - Resume playing from phone after Pioneer Head unit power down


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I’m using Pioneer headunit AVH-z5050bt (latest firmware) and Xiaomi Mi A2 (Android 9 April security patch) with the latest android auto app (4.2.591443) and Poweramp v3 build 826.

The Xiaomi A2 is connected via USB and Bluetooth to the Pioneer Head unit and there is no issue playing music while Navigating using google map via android auto but the problem always appears when I stop the car and power down the Pioneer head unit, Poweramp will resumes playing the music from the phone. I’ve also tried other music player like VLC and it will not resume playing from the phone when the Pioneer HU is power down.

I’ve tried to disable options “resumes playing wired and Bluetooth” from the Poweramp settings but it doesn’t help.

Please advise what other options or logs required to solve this issue. Thanks

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Hi Andrew 

Thanks for the advice but unfortunately it doesn’t work. The problem that I’m facing still exist.

Also, I just found out you can replicate the problem without the Pioneer HU.

Steps to replicate the issue:

1. Start AA from the phone

2. Start playing music from Poweramp 

3. Exit AA from the phone. You will notice Poweramp continue to play music....

Please advice.


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