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Error: deleting files from the memory card!

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S nachala novoy versii v3 , i v posleduyushchikh obnovleniyakh, ne udalyayutsya treki iz karty pamyati. (Iz vnutrenney pamyati udalyayutsya bez problem) Proboval na chistuyu sistemu, dostup predostavlyal, kartu formatiroval no bezrezul'tatno. (problemy na ustroystvakh Meizu pro 5 Android 5.1 i planshet samsung tab 7.0 t285 Android 5.1) Umolyayu reshit' dannuyu problemu, tak kak postoyanno pol'zovalsya dannoy funktsiyey.
Since the beginning of the new version of v3 build 8xx, and in subsequent updates, the tracks are not deleted from the memory card. (Removed from the internal memory without problems)
I tried on a clean system, provided access, formatted the card but to no avail.
(problems on devices Meizu pro 5 Android 5.1 and tablet Samsung Tab 7.0 T285 Android 5.1)
I beg you to solve this problem, as I constantly used this function.
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