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Change Playlist Entries to Different File

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I have a lot of lower quality audio files (.MP3) saved into playlists and recently begun downloading higher quality versions (.FLAC). It's my understanding that playlists are save entries as the file's directory. Example (2 entries):

/storage/3234-6463/Music/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo/17 Facts (Charlie Heat Version).mp3


What I was hoping for was a way to change the first playlist entry to a different file:

/storage/3234-6463/Music/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo [Flac]/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo/18 Facts (Charlie Heat Version).flac

And to do that to all my playlists automatically as it would take me forever to do it myself (I have 877 playlists). 

Usually I'd just rename the better quality file as the exact same as my lower quality version and replace the low quality file, and adjust the metadata if necessary (album artist, etc.) to avoid fixing playlists. But I can't do that if the file extension is different. 

Thank you. 

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I do not think this is possible without bespoke coding. Not only do you change the path, the tracks themselves now end in .flac so they no longer correspond to the original name. Perhaps it is possible to change .mp3 to .flac using unix utilities such as grep and regex. Perhaps other forum members can chip in

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The easiest way to deal with the playlists would be to load the M3U files (which are plain text) into any decent text editor and do a search-and-replace for ".mp3" to ".flac". You could even do this as a batch process across multiple files if the editor is clever enough. As always, this would be easier to do on a computer than trying to fiddle around on a phone screen.


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