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some problem from a chinese user

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sorry for my english frist,i'm chinese user. english is not my native language:).

Poweramp is my best-favorite music player. but i find i open it less and less in recent months.


Frist thing,maybe the onlything. Is  songlist can‘t sorting  by pinyin.  every chinese user sort songs by pinyin. so in my eyes, a song titleword-W is in front of a song titleword-S. 

that means we can't find any chinese song by Slide. nobody know next sony titleword is what.



this Poweramp   Word-C end than Word-D come.


this anther chinese music player   Word-B end than pinyin B come.   不二情书=buerqingshu in pinyin

the same problem in Japan and Korea users.


 anther problem is scoll helper.

in Poweramp all chinese songs in tip "#"

but in anther chinese music player. pinyin B in tip"B".

that means chines user‘s Poweramp is that.   "in tip"#" i have 1200 songs  and tip "a~z" less 200 songs" 


in the end. "KLWP" is anther i used app.

it can‘t get album art from poweamp. but in anther music player  it can get it .  Include  Neteasecloudmusic  qqmusic   sansungmusic.     

this is a little problem. i hope it also can be fix。


thank god.  you can't konw chinese user  use Poweramp in what a devil environment.





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