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Start queue on list end

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One feature I made extensive use of in v2 was the ability to start the queue on list end, as I'd be listening to an album and then I could add another album to the queue which would play afterwards. It would also start playing the next album on my phone (or a random one if shuffle was on) after finishing the queue, whereas v3 seems to replay the last song before it started the queue.



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Max has stated that this third option will return at some point in the future, so you will again be able to choose between the queue starting Immediately, after the current song, or after the current category.

Actually, I wonder if it might be a nice idea to add a fourth option while he's doing that, which would prompt the user asking what to do each time new items are added to the queue, Immediate / After Song / After Category. That add-item prompt could also include an extra tickbox for inserting the new song/s at the start of the the queue versus only being able to add to the end at present, which is also something a number of users have requested.


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