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Media progress not showing with Music Boss on Pebble (volume shown instead)


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  • Poweramp v3 build 823
  • Android 8.0.0
  • OxygenOS 5.0.8
  • OnePlus A3003

The Music Boss app on Pebble usually shows media progress in the current song.  Recently (last week or so) it's been stuck showing me the current volume instead.  I believe nothing has changed with Music Boss recently but Poweramp has been updated recently enough that the times could match up.  I reported this to the Music Boss developer, and his reply was this:

It sounds like Poweramp made some changes where they are broadcasting current volume instead of media progress using the media progress media identifiers. Unfortunately there is nothing on the music boss side that can fix this. You may want to reach out to Poweramp and ask them if perhaps this is a bug. Music Boss captures and displays information it receives from other apps. If the apps are sending incorrect info, it will be displayed. 

Any ideas here?


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Poweramp certainly don’t do that and it exposes progress via 2 APIs - android mediasession and Poweramp API. There are changes to the latter as Android 8+ have tighten “security” and it’s not possible to broadcast and receive arbitrary intents anymore. (This doesn’t affect old apps, but enforced on new ones, as Poweramp v3 is).

Poweramp v3 API docs and sample app have all the code needed provided.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I fiddled with the phone some more and after a reboot, things started working again -- so my immediate problem has been solved, and if it doesn't recur it may be that I can put it down to Android weirdness.


Thanks again.

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