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Bluetooth - After call Poweramp resume on wrong device


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I have a little problem with BT devices (headset, motorcycle intercom and my car)

After call ends, Poweramp doesn't resume music on proper device, instead music plays from my Galaxy S9+ speaker...

It doesnt loose connection, i can still switch song or play/pause, but music plays on phone speaker..

I've tried almost everything in settings, even with default i still have this problem :(

For now only way to fix it is restart bluetooth or my phone.

help ?

(Samsung S9+ with Android 9 Pie)

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Poweramp, of course doesn't switch output _to_ speaker, not it has any code or logic to do so. System decides it should play on Speaker and that happens. Still there is a workaround via Settings / Audio / Advanced Tweaks / Force Speaker Off - though it's intended for some Qualcomm based ROMs - but it will work on Samsung too.

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