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Cloud Support ( Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc... )


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I would love to see a cloud streaming option on the app but I ran out of space on my micro sd card, and now I am forced to use crappy looking Google Play Music for the 100,000 songs. That is awesome but if this app had adding cloud storage from any kind of cloud storage option online, then Poweramp would be first comeback to play music again. So until I find a cloud option that beats the 100,000 songs upload limit for listening via xfinity xfi, then GPM is still my option.

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I will second this request, I used to use Poweramp like crazy on Windows and actually got excited to see this app for Android, but to find out that there is no option for adding cloud targets like Google drive, Dropbox, etc.  was a huge let down.  Downloaded the latest trial and just uninstalled it, would happily pay for the app like it had that functionality.  It's a must now that so many phones don't have sdcard slots anymore.  Bring this to the app and count me in.

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This option, in my opinion, it would be a plus that Poweramp had support for the cloud ( dropbox, gdrive, webdav, etc... ), because now anyone with a little knowledge and ( at least a raspberry ) can have a server at home ( I have one ) with the music I like and so you can listen directly to the music if you have to pass it to the mobile. This is the future ( example is Spotify ).

And it would be a blast to support the airsonic api ( but it is an option that I have already seen that has been commented in the forum ).

It would be a very good option to take into account for the not too distant future.

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