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Audio stops (Very occasionally / inconsistent)


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VERY ODD, slightly annoying.



Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Android 9

App version: v3-Build-823-play (full version)

Nothing custom other than 128gb micro sd that my music lives on.



Occasionally / inconsistently, after 10-16 hours of continuous use (no attached audio device, just using phone speakers) songs are still playing but audio has stopped. Media volume fine. Other apps with media create sound no problem. Close and open Poweramp, still no audio. Skip to next song, previous, different playlist, still no audio. If I pull the media back (like rewind for a few seconds), audio starts. 100% consistent fix for terribly occasional bug. Issue started when v3 came out.


NOTE: Not really expecting a fix - just found it really .... odd. More of an FYI.

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Looks like some (Android) audiosystem instability.

Try switching to Audiotrack output (Poweramp Settings / Audio / Outputs / Audiotrack Output => enable for Speaker). This one can be a bit more stable, though S8/S9/S10 line is tested @ Pie for long playback - but usually for 3.5 output. 

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Thanks, I've enabled this. Please note that this issue started right when v3 came out, which was before my phone upgraded from Android 8.0.0 to Android 9. I'll post again if this issue continues with this new setting activated.

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