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Unable to scan large folder of mp3s all at once

Jonny G

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Hi all, I'm using Poweramp on a PX5 type android headunit (Xtrons branded) and really need to find an answer to this issue as Poweramp has far and away the best interface for in-car use.

I'm on V3 build 823 - full version installed on an Android 8.0 custom ROM.

 I'm using a 128gb micro SD card to store my mp3s which is almost full. The folder structure is Audio/Artists/Artist1/Album1 etc, etc with multiple artists and albums inside the relevant directory. 

If I add the Audio file as a whole to the library and then scan it will take around half an hour but then either find a few random tracks, or none at all. The only workaround i have found is to add them in batches (eg Artists A-C, then D-F, etc). Is this a bug with the scanner, am I simply overloading it?

Many thanks for any help.

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I'm also using Poweramp on a PX5 type (MTCD) android head unit and I have nearly 200gb(in 256gb Usb Stick ) music library I don't have that problem.


-Maybe Poweramp selected your micro SD card 2 times under "Music Folders" option and so it tries to scan sd card 2 times.

-Maybe your headunit have a hardware problem that makes access your SD card slow or interrupted sometimes.



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