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I want to buy the license , no credit card , PayPro Global does it work ?

Ron Wolpa

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I want to buy the license directly that  means PayPro Global  involved.
I have no credit card and intend to pay by means a bank slip.
Sometime ago I asked here and as far as I can remember someone  wrote that it may not work.
I have no other option , just confirm whether you don´t advise to pay through PayPro.
In case I buy directly what exactly you will send me  , a key # to unlock ?  (by means email ?)  


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As far as I know, it is not possible to pay by bank slip (whatever that is - is it like a cheque?). The only way to do it is by online payment, so card/PayPal/etc, sorry. Could you ask a friend with regular financial options to do it for you, and give them the money?


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Intriguing that there is a link Buy @ powerampapp.com that redirects to Buy Now, Directly no Google Services required (Poweramp v3) US$ 3.99*
Clicking on Buy Now it comes up a form to fill up the personal info and SELECT A PAYMENT METHOD drop down  which gives me 3 options , one of them is a bank slip , basically a document with the value and a bar code to pay on the local bank to the local proxy to PayPro Global .    I recognize that  It seems to be  a long shot.
I asked  friends  if I could pay on someone's credit card , I would give to whoever agreed the money.  But no one is willing to buy with credit card on the internet due to frauds.
Another option would be to buy @ Play Store and pay with Google Play gift card, it happens I can´t find  a 15 bucks card , I would be obliged to buy a 50 or 100 bucks.
How it  is so hard pay 15 (on my currency)   bloody bucks !

pS:  I´ve just received from PayPro Global <sales@payproglobal.com>

Thank you for your recent purchase!
Your order has been received and our team is currently processing it. Your order ID is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As you have chosen Bank Slip as your payment method, please allow up to 4 business days for this order to be fulfilled.
As soon as we receive a confirmation regarding your payment, we will send you a purchase confirmation email containing the download link and license key for Poweramp Full Version Activation.
Our support team will gladly assist you with any other questions or requests you may have – simply contact us through our dedicated channels:

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