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Support for change track on long press of volume keys using official API


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The Skip Track application as found here uses an official Android API to listen to long press of volume keys and change tracks accordingly. This method works with other external players apart from Poweramp. When using Poweramp, a track change sound plays out on long press indicating detection of the long press but the track itself doesn't change.

Request you to support this method since it uses the official API to listen to long press of volume keys, as introduced with Oreo.

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The API is UNofficial, but it's possible. Still can be activated only via adb console command, so it's for very power users only.

As for the app, it doesn't properly check if music is playing so it just skips Poweramp when it's playing on Hi-Res or/and DVC.

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Yes, but how do I turn this option off. It's really annoying that I never turned this app on, but now I can't even turn the volume up or down without the song changing. Oh and volume up button takes you to the previous track. And down button takes you to the next song. It is opposite of how most people think that it would be. Up should move forward and down should be previous. But anyhow I can not turn this setting off! I never turned it on to begin with!!! Why did whoever was in charge of the update that changes personal settings permanently without even asking the paying customer? That's ****! Fix this please 

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I didn't mean "turn this app on" I meant turn this sitting on in options It is never something that I would choose. And it won't even let me turn it off in any way. Why? Why would you even change somebody's settings without notifying?



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It isn't possible at all unless you have run the external ADB command to activate that Android feature (which looks not to be the case, hence the control not being active in PA Settings). For some reason, Android seems to have activated something on its own. This is not something an app can request for itself, and it also can't do it while it is the currently focussed screen-on app. Have you updated your Android version recently, or are you using a custom ROM or a button re-mapping app?

Also, long-pressing on the Volume-down key should go to Previous track, long-press on Volume-up key goes to Next track. As you say, that would be the expected  behaviour. This all points to the issue being outside of Poweramp.


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