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V323 plays ogg files only once.


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So no matter if the files are stored on my SD card or internal memory, no matter if they are old files that have been working fine on previous Poweramp v3 versions or if i just made them on my computer. 

I have set Poweramp to loop one track and that works fine with other files but not with ogg files. 

It plays them fine once. but then when it should play them again, it reports that it has failed to read the file in question. 

However if i select it manually or any other ogg file from the same folder, then the file plays fine once. then again when it should replay the file from the beginning, it says that it has failed to do so again. 


As i said this happens with all my ogg files (old and new) and from internal memory or from SD card. 

However luckily mp3 files and other files that i have tried so far seems to be working fine. 

If this had affected other file types as well, then i would have been forced to try older versions or another music players until this has been fixed. 


My phone is Nokia 8 on the latest stock 9.0 pie release, so at least it can't be caused by custom rom as this phone has never even been rooted so. 

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