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Good way to send playlist MP3s to my PC.

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Hi, I notice that Poweramp, has a great feature in which you can share a playlist and it will send the MP3 files. I'm not having much luck sharing them to a location on my phone storage(some don't transfer and there's a permission message which flashes up to quick to read.  I can send them by email a few tracks at the time.  But is there a good Wi-Fi sync option that works with the PC.

the reason I ask, is that I use power amp to do a lot of sorting and making of playlists.I can actually delete a lot of music files on my PC and just keep the ones I want all in 1 Convenient Place.  Thank you

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PA does not send Playlists specifically, but the 'Send' function can send several song files at once, either by long-pressing and selecting multiple items (using the tickboxes beside each song title) or by initially selecting any object that already contains multiple items within it (such as an Album title, a Folder, or a Playlist). It only shares the music files, or those within the selected container, though. It does not share any Playlist information, such an .M3U file if the container happens to be a playlist.

How and where the files are sent, and how many you can do at once, depends on the app you choose to use to transmit them and what features it offers. Poweramp does not have any internal file copying or transmitting features of its own, nor is it ever likely to have I suspect. Have you thought about trying something like Dropbox to send the files?

Other than the above, you really need to look into a decent file explorer app for general file/folder maintenance operations.


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