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inaccurate track progress and rewind/ffwd in vbr mp3 files


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I am seeing inaccurate track progress and rewind/ffwd/seek in vbr mp3 files; an example:


re-coded using the following command line:
lame -m j -V 4 -q 3 --lowpass 7.5 --abr 50

When playing this file, per track progress is not saved accurately. When I pause and change from that track/file and return, the position jumps forward by various amounts. And when play is resumed from a seek/rewind/ffwd operation, it resumes from a position ahead of the selected spot. Is there settings choice that I can make to correct this?

LAME 64bits version 3.100 run in cygwin on Windows
Poweramp v3 b823, Samsung SM-J727VPP

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19 minutes ago, gdeff said:

Is there settings choice that I can make to correct this?

Other than to use CBR, not at present, no. I see the same issue as you on some very long VBR MP3 podcasts, but I don't have anything that long in CBR. I do have a 2h20'  M4A file, and that seeks accurately throughout, as do some 1.5 hour long MP3s (CBR). I have provided a sample long VBR MP3 for Max to look at (see https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/10208-remember-playback-positions-in-tracks/), so maybe he'll be able to correct the seek mechanism in a future release - although it could be the coding of the files.


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