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Personalised equaliser settings for each bluetooth device

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I love Poweramp, but i have one problem with it. 

I have 4 wireless devices and for each of them I have diferent equaliser settings. It is ennoying each time I switch bluetooth device to switch equaliser settings too. Would it be possible to add feature to set specific equaliser settings to specific Bluetooth device? Thanks :) 

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Thought of this request today.

I bought the new Galaxy Buds and use them with a Xiaomi Mi 8 (Android Pie) and mostly Poweramp (when not viewing the occasional Youtube video). Stock sound on the headphones is pretty shitty but you can correct it surprisingly well with some bass boost and high mid cuts (it even works better in Poweramp than in the even shittier Galaxy Wearable app, in which there are equalizer options, too, but they somehow manage to worsen everything even more...).

The problem is that I have some better bluetooth headphones which do not need any equalizer to sound great (or are even less well-sounding with my Galaxy Buds-specific Poweramp equalizer). Switching between the headphones now requires the additional step of switching the equalizer on or off (or, if forgotten, getting annoyed by the sudden high bass in my better headphones).

While it is not the biggest bummer in the world, it would certainly be a smoother transition between headphones if the equalizer settings were more detailed regarding to which device an equalizer is bound to.

Keep up the otherwise outstanding work! 🤠

[Edit: Some grammar mistakes/additional explanations]


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