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Volume too low since Android Pie


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I finally got the Android Pie update on my Galaxy Note 8. Then I noticed, that the volume of some or most of the tracks is suddenly too low. I'm not quite sure if this goes for all the tracks or only the flac's (at least 50% of my albums are in lossless quality). I didn't have the time to test enough until now.

I learned so far, that this has something to do with Samsung took over audio volume processing or something...

Could anybody please inform me, what's the cause of this?

Will Poweramp fix this?

Can I change certain settings in Android Settings or Poweramp Settings to at least have louder volume again on flac's?


I'm no sound expert, so help would be much appreciated!

I tried to disable DVC and the sound got a bit louder, but I'm not sure if this is really the solution?!


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When people are saying that the volume is "too low", are you saying that it's become impossible to achieve a normal listening level at all - even if you turn the device's output up higher than you would normally have it? Or are you saying that for any given number on the volume scale, it's quieter than it was before?


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I had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 when I was upgraded from Android 8 to 9 (Pie). Volume much lower than before. It helped somewhat when I disabled DVC but then the sound got a bit distorted when playing at higher levels. I tried a bit back and forth and finally decided to turn DVC back on again and try to turn the mobile's output up higher. This worked better, and after a recent Samsung program update (no idea what was changed) in the last few days, the sound is almost back to its best. I still need to have the general audio output on the device higher than normal, but no more sound distortion and I am happy overall. Hope it will work out for others with similar problems too.

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@Malagant Use Settings / Audio / Outputs / Reset to defaults. Those defaults are optimized per Android/OEM/device/output/output device.

For Samsung @ Pie, the default settings and volume:
- 3.5 output - volume is the same as stock player within +/-3dB (Poweramp uses slightly different volume curve).
- Speaker - volume is the same as stock player within +/-3dB, no equ/tone by default + no headroom gain option
- Bluetooth - same volume is achievable with "Bluetooth absolute volume" is disabled, or with disabled Poweramp Equalizer/Tone (No Equ, No Headroom Gain in Poweramp output settings for given output + BT). Choose one.

If your volume experience differs from the outlined above, you have some output setting(s) changed - use Settings / Audio / Outputs / Reset to defaults.


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Try with and without DVC enabled.

Also check the EQ pre-amp is not set too low.

If you have ReplayGain enabled, it is designed to reduce the overalll level of tracks that are recorded with 100% digital peaks to allow headroom for further processing. The spec target is 14dB below digital maximum. It's about quality, not overall noise level.


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@gode44 is it for BT? By default, Absolute Volume is enabled for BT and for this Poweramp disables DVC and applies non-DVC volume reduction.

Two options available here: enable DVC by disabling Absolute Volume or increase non-DVC preamp (obviously this reduces your equalization headroom).

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