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Playlist truncated after 3 entries


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I have run into a strange phenomenon where Poweramp displays only the first 3 entries of a play list actually has 10 entries. I have  a folder called "Mercedes Sosa - Será posible el sur" with a file "Mercedes Sosa - Será posible el sur.m3u" in it. The contents of that file are:



01 - Todavía Cantamos.mp3
02 - Corazón de Estudiante.mp3
03 - Agosot en Tucumán.mp3
04 - Pequeña.mp3
05 - Todo Cambia.mp3
06 - Será Posible el Sur.mp3
07 - Como Pájaros en el Aire.mp3
08 - Siembra.mp3
09 - Mi Abuela Bailó la Zamba.mp3
10 - Vira Viro.mp3


Now,  each of those files exists and play okay in other apps. But when I select that play list in Poweramp, all I see is title 1 to 3. I have attached a screen shot called buggy-playlist.jpg that shows the state. If I select the same album in folder view, then Poweramp display it correctly. I have re-scanned my entire library a few times and I have  also tried deleting and re-adding the playlist, but those attempts have not made any difference.


I am using Poweramp v3-build-820-play (Full Version) on a Galaxy S9 phone running Lineage OS 15.1 (Android 8.1.0).



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