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Scrobbling Issues


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I'm seeing intermittent issues with scobbling. About 12 in 100 tracks don't scrobble. 

Looks to be a Poweramp issue. Seeing the issue with the last.fm official app and simple scrobbler.

Using simple scrobbler, I help up the scrobbles so I have to manually push them though. This showed that the scrobbles weren't making it from Poweramp into the simple scrobbling app.

Happens to random tracks. It's not the same tracks everytime. Playback is of full albums/folders with jump to next in list enabled. I've tried flac and mp3 files and both have issues. I did have one long file circa 20 minutes that has failed to scrobble on multiple occasions, however that has also scrobbled on occasion. Is this something that cat log will pickup? I can try to get something from it. But under normal circumstances I just play music and won't be attending my phone to check after each track.

Hardware is One Plus 5T (A5010)

Poweramp V3 Build 820

Android OxygenOS Version 9.0.4

Any help/suggestions would be helpful. Any further information/steps I can take, please let me know. 

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