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Some bugs and feature reqs majorly about embedded cue

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I can't stop to try the 430. So I installed it and tried at once.

I think I don't need to say how good it is, go to try it yourself. I'll just report some bugs and have some feature requests here.

The main menu (when you press ``menu'' button)'s position can be wrong while putting status bar to the bottom (using CM7, etc.), this is a bug since 1.4


I use monolithic flac to handle all things (cue, rg, art, etc.) and it works fine (but it seems Poweramp cannot handle front cover image >1MB?) except embedded cue.

The cue-in-flac support in 2.0 is great, but I think something can be improved and tweaked:

1. It seems that if the flac has an embedded cue, Poweramp cannot read album arts from it.

2. Maybe expand the flac-cue file in which folder contains it (make the tracks in it the same level with other separated files, not treat it as a virtual folder ) can be more easy to understand and organize the playing list.

3. I know it's hard to delete some track from a cue-separated flac file, but modifying cue in it can be easy using libflac. Or maybe just add a feature called "hide" and handles which tracks should be play and which not by Poweramp itself.

Thanks maxmpz, this one is really really great, and let's do together to improve it!

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