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5 ideas/requests after the v2.0 beta


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Post: Subject: Poweramp v2.0 Beta 1

My feedback so far:

1.) When I select "List" repeat mode and I get to the end of the track list (e.g. 39/39) and I swipe Album art to go back to the first song again the swipe to next (beginning) track is not working it just locked. Instead I have to resort to the normal <<>> method to go to beginning track. Could you please add Album art swipe support or if maybe make it an option in the settings.

2.) I was thinking that maybe you might consider enabling the "Show track counter" as default.

3.) It would be nice if in a future 2.xx version you added a custom-ability feature for users to be able to customize the menu choices found in the pop-up menu (press Menu button key) because I rarely have use for 'Lyrics' and would like to replace 'Lyrics' with and use 'Info/Tags' in it's place instead. Currently in 2.0 beta the 'Info/Tags' is under a further sub-menu of 'more' from what I can see. Whatdya say maxim could you take this into consideration.

4.) In the "Folders" list screen it would be great if;

=There was the additional ability to Sort by 'File type'

=It would be really special if there was a display method to distinguish between audio types (mp3,flac, ogg) maybe through highlighting the text area e.g. all orange marked would mean .flac files etc. Or another display method.

=It would be great if there was scrolling text on the selected/currently played track in the "Folders" list view as I need to see the full filename

5.) I really wish the "Send" feature was accessible in the Player's screen..too - upon pressing Menu button, just like in PlayerPro. The thing is is that it's currently located in the Library screen upon long press>'more'. So just like request"#3" above it would be awesome to be able to customize the menu items (that display when pressing Menu button) to be able to re-order them around in the grid, remove some and add new/own items too (items like "Send"). At least, for now, it is good that Poweramp has some sort of send feature existent :)

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"1.)" Album art swipe to beginning track from last at the end of list seemed to have imporved a bit in the latest beta 3 since beta 1. Although the album art swipe to beginning track at end of list still feels a bit stuborn at times especially when the last track has no album art at all - it's like the swipe function/Poweramp logo becomes temporarily disabled. So perhaps some investigation into an improvement/bug fix would be great.

"2.)" Well the 'show track counter' feature is nevertheless optional as the developer, Max, intends it to be, so this is fine.

"3.)" -Poweramp v2.0 'Beta 2' addresses this issue and makes things better with the new optional ability to enable the 'Expand Menu' option in Settings :)

"4.)" Hmm... might have to make a new/separate topic for these 'Folders' list related requests :)

"5.)" -Poweramp v2.0 'Beta 2' addresses this issue and makes things better with the new optional ability to enable the 'Expand Menu' option in Settings :)

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Thanks for your input haddy!

Soon after 2.0 release I will start planning the next one, and I'm already collecting the suggestions/requests for 2.1.

Re: album art animation lower fps during fast track changes. This is more visible on 1 core and low end phones, than on 2 cores, this is due to the fact that PowerAMP prioritizes audio engine at such moments to avoid gap between tracks. Actually, when track is changed, 2 files are played for short time + search for next cover arts is happening, and the later is given lower priority.

Also, loading the texture into GPU (which happens when new album art is found) can lower fps for a short time as well. PowerAMP dynamically loads/unloads album art textures as number of such images is usually high and you can keep only a few in GPU memory.

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