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Queue is Not Flexible in Version 3


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Sorry to say this, but I really don't like the way queued music works in version 3 of Poweramp. I find it very odd that it would go from a flexible method to a very restrictive and unintuitive method. I will elaborate...  

The previous version of Poweramp would allow you to start playing an album, and half-way through that album you could queue up another album, or several, and they would play AFTER the current album. Emphasis here is on ALBUM. This is because in Version 3 of Poweramp, when you queue up anything, it will play after the current song (not album) or immediately (you can choose one of those in settings). But if you queued up an album, you are out of luck. The point in time in which you add anything to the queue is where your album will be interrupted with whatever you have queued (at the end of the current song or immediately, as mentioned). 

Version 3 seems to takes stance that you know what music you want to listen to beforehand, so you have to queue it all up before you start playing anything, and then it will be fine. This sucks. People do not work that way. People like to work things on the fly, or at least have that flexibility to add music / albums as they go...

Example: I am half-way through listening to album A, and during which, I realise I want to listen to album B next. BUT I still want to hear all of album A. So currently I have to wait until the end of album A, then queue up B. This could be 30 minutes or so away. I could forget by then, I have a very large music library and I'm busy doing my day job... If I queue it up the moment I think of it, I don't get to listen to the rest of album A. And that sucks. The previous version of Poweramp allowed you to do this on the fly. 

Did this make sense? I hope I've explained it properly. 

Can we please have the old queue method back? 

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The current PA v3 821 will do what you want if you had played album A from the Queue to begin with. Then you could add album B to the Queue and it would be added at the end of album A. If you had more than album A in the Queue album B would be added at the end of the Queue rather than after album A. This is another reason I prefer playing music through the Queue. I would like to just be able to disable playing music outside the PA Queue.

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