@NickIstĀ it behaves the same way across all Samsung Pie devices (S8(+)/S9(+)/S10(+)/Notes, Exynos or Qualcomm SOCs): - for wired, you get DVC + standard resolution (it's Hi-Res Output in Poweramp still, as AudioTrack and OpenSL doesn't support DVC on Samsung@Pie)
- for wired, you get Hi-Res and no DVC
- for BT/USB, you get DVC and DVC + Hi Res As on these devices, Hi-Res output doesn't produce noticeable higher fidelity, volume, or anything, I suggest using standard resolution + DVC if you use Equalizer or/andĀ Tone as it gives noticeable richer sound vs plain no-DVC Hi-Res. There are devices (Qualcomm based, usually) where Hi-Res enables higher quality audio paths and thus Hi-Res output produces better/louder/richer sound, standard resolution tracks included. Samsungs @ Pie is not this case.