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$YAPS$ - "Yet Another Poweramp Skin"

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I just responded to you on Google Play but it's probably easier to explain here since I can type more. My static seek bar doesn't look like the one in the screenshot. It's not under the start and end times. It sits in the middle on different levels. It starts and stops after the time where in your screenshot, the seek bar is at the start of the beginning time and ends under the finish time.



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53 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

Current skin options for &YAPS&


Updated to V35 this morning, the options available now are just incredible. And the dev is great too, ultra-responsive to requests and suggestions. Thanks for the continued support!


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I really like the look of this skin, but the main screen layout is off on my device (a Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus, Android 8.1). There is a big gap immediately below the album title, and then everything else (buttons, track counter, metadata, seekbar) is squashed together at the bottom. I've tried changing the settings but nothing seems to make any difference.


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@Snowplow Floater the space above normally shows the 4 buttons. I agree, display could be improved but hiding an artifact is one thing, rearranging the layout after that is quite difficult.

Yes, track counter, play buttons and seekbar need to be spaced properly.

Please get in touch by email so i can communicate more easily

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9 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@pauldamo checked it out but all 3 grid options look as expected ie text below albumart. By the way nothing was changed in this area , @amber438 unfortunately no

I found out that if I have no album art blur backgrond toggled on, the title name and artist is over the album art in albums library grid views,and with it off and I choose black as background,  I get a light blur color background in player view.ok I realise I have to have, enable main screen background off in Poweramp background settings to get a black background,I've never had to do that before.

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Hey, is this a bug?

If Alternative Yaps is selected, it will be perfectly transparent, and if $Yaps is selected, it will not be transparent properly.

I tried to find the settings, but did not find the settings option?

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  • andrewilley changed the title to $YAPS$ - "Yet Another Poweramp Skin"

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