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$YAPS$ - "Yet Another Poweramp Skin"

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The only skin you will ever need. 

The most configurable skin currently available



each section has multiple subsections for instance 


The possibilities are endless

Choice out of more than 100  colours, 

Unlike my other 2 skins, this is a paid for app.

Available now on Google Play


For a preview of screenshots have a look at my website

If you have any queries, simply email me. 

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Hi, Really appreciate your hard work and effort to figure out how to customize this skin. 

I know my question is quite rude, but since skins are a matter of taste it would be great if there is someway to do a built on request skin. It's probably too much work and it won't be for free in anyway, but since you now master almost every aspect of the layout it would be cool to have this service. Since I'm quite a boring person when it comes to design I'm looking for minimalistic buttons and icons combined with a 50 shades of grey look. Although some skins come close, nothing really fit my taste. Just wondering!

Thnx anyway, purchased the skin to support your work!

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12 minutes ago, Mr. Make Believe said:

Just wondering

Yes, I do requests, 50 shades of grey in the Material Design colour scheme is possible. Let me know the sort of things you have in mind





ps thanks for buying :)

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Transparent is available for the navbar so you can create a totally clean look by setting navbar backgtound transparent, backgound transparent, album blur on. Even hide circles by setting these to transparent.

There are many combinations possible. Navbar icon colours  can also be set from the same colour palette

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I just purchased your alternative yap and I think it's what I'm looking for. My problem is the title, artist, and album are on the bottom part of my images. I don't want them there mainly because, due to the nature of my images, they are basically un-readable. Maybe I can I make the images smaller? Mine are imbedded. Also I would like to be able to hide the album field. You had advertised that text color can be changed throughout the app. I find that is not happening. That is not actually a big problem for me except that as long as title and artist cover the bottom of the image, which is white, the text which is white disappears. I love being able to hide visualization, timer, repeat, and shuffle. I have little use for them. I have an LG G7 ThinQ phone. All I want to see displayed is title and artist below the image. Good job with the app. I like it!


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The reason why the text is over the albumart is because of lack of space on small devices. I can provide an option to show or hide the track title and artist,album. Your device appears larger so text could fit below. As for the text colour of the track and artist text, i intended to link these to the setting in options but forgot. Will do this tomorrow. If you get in touch by email, i can send you a little app which will tell me the configuration of your device. I then use this info to move the text down.

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@GDMFSOB, had a look at this but imo it appears to be working. Select any colour and the android navbar fills with that colour. Select transparent, the android navbar shows as black as this is what lies underneath.

 By setting navbar, android navbar and background to the same colour, you can achieve as shown 



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Latest Release has been refined further. There is not much left which has not been customised either with colour, visibility (visible/invisible), layout, shapes (round or square)

You can select (material design)  colours (over 50 to choose from) and apply these to icons, backgrounds (navigation bar, android navigation bar, background) as well as seting background textures (sky, oak or stone)



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