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New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

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@flyingdutchman I really enjoy the Yaps skin, great. A couple of suggestions if they are feasible that may provide some additional customizations. For the record, I am using v3/823 on a LG G6 phone with Oreo.

1. The Status Bar at the top of the screen always has the bluish background. Is this something that can be configured with the same background settings as the other elements, including a transparent option?

2. For the Wave Seek bar when enabled, can the standard, scrolling wider version be an option?

3. For the Alternate skin version, is there a way to at least make the Track name fit below the artwork similar to the standard version? The Artist/Album can still be left out since the artwork should reveal those details, but the track name would be great, even better if it was toggle selection.

4. Lower the icon buttons for the Visualizer/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle modes so they aren't over the text?

See screenshots of what I currently have, using the current Yaps options. They look great, thanks for the work!



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