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Template for v3 to design skins??

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I see. In that case they should not lay the blame on PA like they did pretty emphatically in their email-reply to me above where I was told to make any complaint to PA.



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Perhaps your pointing this out to this developer will in due course make them reconsider, since they have mentioned loss of revenues in the aforementioned email-reply and money talks for all businesses. Time will tell.

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I understand. I have sent them another email regarding this matter, a reply to their reply-email to me from a few days ago. You or your interaction has not been mentioned in my email, it is my business only. Will see if they respond the same as last time. If they do, I - and probably many other PA v3 users around the world - will then have to go to one of their competitors for good v3 skins and the loss is theirs.

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Jumping in in this topic.

I am curious about how to develop a Poweramp V3 skin and cloned Github project.

I'm a seasoned developer, but not that many experience with Java/Android Studio.

And I understand how a skin is built & works on V3, no problem with that.

But trying to open & build this project in Android Studio (latest), adjusting stuff as described in this README and... I have errors and it does not work.


For a start, "stable-ids.txt" is missing from the project. I created an empty file, and it worked,

Then, I could not proceed on this. No matter I do, i always get a build error -- but hey, maybe I'm skipping something basic here...

additionalParameters "--shared-lib", "-I", "./../../Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk"


AAPT: W/ziparchive(76693): Unable to open './../../Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk': No such file or directory
error: failed to open APK: I/O error.


Just to skip that and try I removed that line, and I got a new one, concerning "stable-ids.txt"

AAPT: error: can't assign ID 0x00010000 to resource com.Poweramp.v3.sampleskin:attr/OpenSans_font with conflicting ID 0x80000000.
error: failed assigning IDs.

I've cleaned project, rebuild & make again. No luck.

As you can see, Skin Sample project is not working out of the box, even if we follow given instructions.

Can we have a revised/updated version, please?
That would be awesome!


I moved the apk file to project's root and removed all relative paths, and now it's working! :D

additionalParameters "--stable-ids", "stable-ids.txt", "--emit-ids", "stable-ids.txt",
        "--shared-lib", "-I", "Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk"


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This works

aaptOptions {
    additionalParameters "--package-id", "0x80", "-I", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk"

Where f:\... etc is your path

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@Mercury, the extra parameters are to ensure skin settings are preserved so this works too. Just create an empty stable-ids.txt and saved it somewhere. The <somewhere> path is then reflected in your gradle file. The double \\ is to ensure the \ is interpreted correctly. the first \ is the escape character to indicate to treat the following character as an ascii char

additionalParameters "--stable-ids", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\stable-ids.txt", "--emit-ids", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\stable-ids.txt",
"--package-id", "0x80", "-I", "F:\\Android\\Android\\APK\\Poweramp\\Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk"

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