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PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1


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Hi everyone, hi master max. I have SGSII with Androidmeda rom supported by Jkay settings which allow to skip songs with volume buttons. 1.4 version of Poweramp works fine with this feature but unfortunately 2.0 beta 1 doesnt. Is this possible to make it working back ? Cheers.

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The following I found in this beta version:

1) Lyrics of song hold the screen even it already jump to next song

2) Player stop after SMS/IM prompt, cannot auto restart to pl

3) Album Art bigger, its great

4)Cannot see the Album Art if Lyric is ON, the previous verison better

5) Cannot search Lyric, not work

May I know when the offical version will release

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I'm also getting the same volume button delay, if anything I'd say when i increase the volume it goes down slightly then up to the volume I requested. I have not noticed any problems with the play button as yet. I too have a Galaxy S running Android 2.3

Another Possible Bug

I'm also seeing a possible issue with the hierarchical view of my folders. I have an amazon mp3 folder which sits on my phone's internal SD card and I have a "music2 folder that sits on my external SD card. in v1.4 both these appeared at the same level in the hierarchical view, now I am only seeing the amazon mp3 folder. To access all my music I have to come out of the hierarchical view to see the folders on my external SD card :-(

I though i would give an update RE the above issues I was having.

I turned off DVC and my volume button works fine now. Must be a Samsung thing as I've used the same version of Poweramp on an HTC phone and it sounds great and there are no volume issue. I was more than happy with the sound before so I am not bothered about turing DVC off.

I also solved my folder/library issue. I noticed the other day that I hadn't heard any tunes from a particular artist and as I was aware that I had seen the song total drop by about 200 when I upgraded I was curious. I checked that I still had the artist on my phone through a file browser and then checked for the artist in Poweramp using the folder view and library view and there was nothing. I then went to make sure the artist's folder was selected in the "Music Folders" section and it was. So I unchecked the artist folder and did a rescan and hey presto my song total increased and my hierarchical folder view was back to normal :-)

The reason seems to be that in the Music Folders view I had selected my two folders, one for my Amazon downloads and one that represents the music on my external SD card. These are at the same level in the file system. By selecting the extrenal sd folder I'm guessing all it's subfolders are automatically selected. By deselecting one of these subfolders it also deselected the parent fixing my library/hierarchy view problem. I subsequently re-added my artist folder by "ticking" it again but leaving the parent unchecked and all is good :-)

Max, let me know if you would like more detail on this as it looks like a bug (or perhaps this is expected behavior)

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Thanks for the feedback. As you described, the music folder selection seems to be correct for me. When you select some folder, all subfolders are selected as well. If you deselect some child subfolder, parent subfolder(s) are unchecked, but the same-level-children are kept checked.

This is because PowerAMP always approaches folders as hierarchical entities, selected folder implies all subfolders are also scanned.

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I think beta 2xx works better on my Bionic. ver1.xx would play a couple of songs then the the sound would disappear but it would run the timer as if it was playing. Beta 2xx only played a couple of days then went in-op because it said failed to verify license. Instructions say to make sure you download the new version as well as the new unlocker. When I try to download the new unlocker it wants me to pay again. After less than 1 year? I sent message in settings/failed to verify license from phone but did not get a response. Maybe Max is on Holiday?

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Perhaps you could answer a few questions for me:

The Queue system seems to have changed substantially from the previous version, I didn't see it in patch notes. How exactly has it been altered? As well as that, there seems to be a bug where the button to re-order your queued songs disappears now and then. It seems to come and goes at will, can't tell what is causing it.

The functionality of the 'back' button has changed too. Any info on exactly how it works? It was serviceable before, even if it seemed to take you back to your home pages now and again for no reason. Now it seems a little more random, or perhaps I'm just not used to it. The simplest method would be to just take you back a 'step', ie pressing back from the player would go, Player > Album > Album List > Main Page. Or Player > Queue > Main Page etc. And then when you get to the main page, ask for (optional) confirmation before taking you back to your home screen.

A smaller niggle, but from the Player screen, I liked the 'one touch on current song to see song list', 'press and hold to see album list' feature. Now you get a few options when you press and hold. Though I guess if the back button worked as above that would solve this.

One final bug was album art displaying correctly on the Player screen, but wrong/none at all on the album list. Rather annoying to people who are anal about the album are (ie me).

I'm sticking with an older version just now, will make the jump to 2.x when some of the bugs are ironed or some of my favourite features return. The new UI looks lovely, and I really liked the new direct sound thing (even if it made it quiet on my SGS2). Sorry to seemingly complain in a wall of text, but Poweramp is far and away my favourite Android player (I've used A LOT of them), and the chance to get my word in about some features and maybe, maybe, actually have it listened to is too big an opportunity to pass up!

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