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PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1


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Thanks for the excellent beta.

A minor UI item:

On the main menu the 'More' button has the triangle pointing upwards to expand the menu item. When you press on it, the arrow head then points down. Unless I'm mistaken, I think the convention is vice versa.

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My first impressions:

- folder.jpg is not displayed as album art (major bug)

- FLAC 24/96/5.1 cannot be played (minor/request)

- No track numbers in folder/library view, which often leads to unsorted playlists

Comments: This player could become the foobar2000 of Android, many features audiophiles are looking for are there but need to be synced, like replaygain algorithms.

Feature request: Crossfeed (not Crossfade) - this makes listening via headphones just so much better.

Suggestion: http://bs2b.sourceforge.net/ or better http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=90764

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Where has my post gone? :(

Anyways, again.


- When disconnecting the Bluetooth headset (turning headunit off), Poweramp switches briefly to black album art and "no media loaded" before showing song and album art again


- Tried it in car at night, the new Album art background is nice but distracting at night, would love a "dark" theme for it.

- Bluetooth ID3 tag display :)

- Allow menu to be customizable, I use delete far more often than lyrics f.e., would be nice to be able to switch these buttons.


- Google Navigation issue seems to have fixed itself even in older PA version

- No crash on bluetooth disconnect yet!

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- Bluetooth ID3 tag display :)


As per earlier posts the topic of AVCR, ID3 Tagging is becoming hot as more and more users opt for Bluetooth. Could please clarify when can we expect to have it on Poweramp. After months, we are still in the situation that it is not supported by Android, but then again Poweramp does things not supported by Android natively. The there is , the " but it can be done" and that as far as it goes. Sometimes, preempting is better then reacting...if stack apps can do it,more so should Poweramp!


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Allow menu to be customizable, I use delete far more often than lyrics f.e., would be nice to be able to switch these buttons.

That would solve my problem too. It's impossible to please all of the people all of the time when you are talking about commonly-accessed tasks, so best to let the users choose for themselves rather than choosing for them.

I'd suggest leaving 'Settings' as non-removable (as you do need to keep that in the menu) and then put everything else into a very simple tickbox option list, so the user can enable or disable whichever ones they want. And if the user's selected list is 6 items or fewer, there would be no need to display the 'More' button at all.

Oh, and adding 'Rescan Folders' to that optional list would be very welcome indeed for me. I think my regularly-used list would be just Delete, Rescan and Sleep in fact.


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Just tried this out and while I generally like the new UI there are somethings that just look wrong to me.

The first one is the glow around the album art I really think it would look better with just simple 1 pixel thick grey/blue border around it (yes I know its a crappy cover)

I'd also think that would give room to stick the repeat and shuffle buttons back in the main UI without having to click on the album art to get to them


Second is the landscape mode of the new skin has been greatly reduced in functionality the old one was much better with the controls placed on the side of the album art this one just has too much wasted space


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I have a curiosity. Why does it have an "update widget" service running in the background even if I don't have a widget on the homescreen? The 1.x version didn't have this even if I had a widget active? Is this going to be in the final version?

Nexus S, Stock 2.3.6, Unrooted


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So far loving the many improvements. Obviously there are still a few bugs, like it playing the wrong song when you select one from a playlist. One other issue I have is that while its great that now you can create shortcuts to playlists on your home screen they don't appear to work correctly. On all other players when you tap one of these shortcuts it immediately starts playing the playlist but on Poweramp it just takes you into the playlist itself. This doesn't really add an convenience so hopefully this can be adjusted somehow.

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Loving the new app and the sound it produces. I'm using an HTC Incredible and a set of $700 In-ear-monitors from 1964ears.

The monitors are highly detailed in sound reproduction and produce bass down to 16hz. The new "Limit" feature is working amazingly well and sound overall sounds better than before. I have yet to be able to produce any distortion at any bass level. Seriously impressive. Whatever you did to this app has made it the king of the hill. Nothing else on android sounds this good.


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Another note: I'm running with DVC off for now.

Using the HTC Incredible and i'm not sure if the artifacts i'm hearing are due to the HTC software and how it interacts with DVC or if it is purely Poweramp's DVC.

With DVC on there is are distinct crunchy bits of static that surround low volume sounds, also mid-volume sounds lose their definition and cleanliness. Basically it seems the DVC is adding a lot of distortion and static artifacts. None of these artifacts are present when DVC is off.

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I noticed something today:

When I was listening to music with headphones and opened the voice search, instead of stopping the music, it was played through the speakers and not the headphones for the time the voice search was active. When I then closed the voice search, the music started playing correctly through the headphones again.

After some testing, I've also noticed that playing music through the speakers and opening the voice search did not stop the player and the music continued playing.

I'm using a Desire Z running CyanogenMod 7

Okay, I updated to the new version of CM 7.1 which solved the weird speaker/headphone issue, I've also concluded, after messing with some settings, that the issue of not pausing is in the ROM/voice searh app rather than Poweramp, since enabling the "Short audio focus change" option made it pause correctly.. I however decided to keep it disabled since I don't want my music to pause when I get a text message or similar, as well not that the music keeps playing through the headphones instead of weirdly changing to the speaker until' I close the voice search app it isn't really an issue anymore.

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Congratulation, Poweramp is not just the best android player, but the best in any OS. Better then IPhone or IPod, with Motorola Defy hardware is really iPod killer.

This new version is wellcome and will be better than ever.

My opinion:

Changes that is amazing:

1- New UI.

2- Big buttons.

3- More options for all and show it with a long press.

4- The option to go to the artist or album of a playing song.

5- More list options, especially the composer list (a dream for me) . Can't you add a "album artist" list too?


1- Two kind off queue (side by side in the option): "queue next" and "queue last" . (Another dream for me).

2- Gesture to queue: right to left (queue next), left to right (queue last ).

Changes that I prefer the old version:

1- Don't work directly with system playlist, just importing. (This way I can't use easy and fast other software playlist, like the excellent "playlist builder"). And a rescan don't update, make another one. (This is no good, I will have a lot of the same playlist to add one more) . This change stops the automatic integration with others softwares, PLEASE give to us the option to use the old way.

2- Gesture moving up and down don't change album anymore.

3- Fast scroll in a list don't show a big first letter anymore.

4- Don't have a volume knob with the equaliser anymore (just use hardware control is not easy in Motorola Defy).


The ratting system is compatible with any PC software? . What is the idea? Create a own system? Is it saved inside the music file? If I move out and return a music to device I would lose the ratting?

Thanks, Jorge

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It did this with me on the old version too but Poweramp freezes a lot mainly when connecting to my car's bluetooth and sometimes even randomly while it is playing. the play/pause button toggles but nothing happens. i have to use a task killer to get it to work again which is a hassle and unsafe while driving.

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A few more issues I found with Beta 1:

When swiping through the songs, loading of the album art often takes up to 0,5-1s, so you see the Poweramp logo before the actual album art loads. I only have embedded album arts for each song. This is more a cosmetic issue, however in 1.4 this worked flawlessly.

Pause on bluetooth disconnect doesn't work.

Direct Unlock doesn't work. Still getting to the system unlock screen instead of main menu/Poweramp.

In the meantime I also had a few crashes, I think when Poweramp tried to switch to another song, but can't duplicate it.

But that's what you might expect from a beta, that it doesn't run completely stable yet.

However, keep on your good work. I'm sure you'll fix all the issues for the final.

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Thank you so much for 2.0! A great improvement and it runs fine.

There is one thing though: I miss the option to long press a genre/artist/album/folder/etc and choose shuffle, thereby shuffling a category of music. With the 2.0 beta I need to add a genre/album/artist/folder/etc to queue to do the same thing.

The problem is: If I add an entire genre to queue, there might be hundreds of track in it, and I never listen to all of them.

So whenever I want to change category to shuffle i need to go into queue and erase queue before finding whatever new category of music I want to shuffle. It adds a lot of extra browsing compared to the 1.x version.

Or is there any other solution? What I want is an easy way to shuffle a category (genre/album/folder/artist/etc) of music, and change categories whithout to much hassle.

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Overall this beta is a beautiful piece of work. Only problems I have found are in the area of playlists which I list here for your attention:

1) When "shuffle all" set, I get force close when I select a song from the playlist. Works OK with "shuffle song" set. On one of the other shuffle options it played a different song than the one selected.

2) Deleting a playlist causes force close

3) Deleting a song from a playlist causes force close.

I am running on Samsung i897 Captivate with Gingerbread KH3 custom ROM. All my music files are mp3.

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I wanted to delete a file, it stuck on deleting (without skipping the track you're deleting) for about half a minute, then it crashed. I reopened and saw that it deleted all my music! That's pretty annoying since i don't know what i had exactly on the phone...

Did PowerAMP warned/confirmed deletion with the number of files to be deleted? If you have all your music in given folder and you're deleting the folder, you can end with all music deleted, still PowerAMP will warn before the deletion and show the number of files to be deleted from SD card.

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I installed the beta a few hours ago. One look and I was blown away! Thanks for all the improvements :)

As of now, I only have one question: When will the stable version be out? I know the first post says "mid-October", but does that mean on the 15th or a few days after that?

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