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PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1


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Known issues with the beta 1:

- settings will crash if Poweramp installed on SD Card (move it to main memory)


- will be posted later (please refer to completed TODO here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172)

What's not in this beta release (but will be in final 2.0 release, mid October 2011):

- 4x1, 4x2, 2x2 widgets

- couple of extra skins (external apk/jars)

- widget pack compatibility

- a bit better skins for tablets. 2.0 release works on most Android 3.0+ tablets, still, skins are not optimized for large screens in this release (planned for 2.1)

- help update

- skin SDK

- settings backup to sd card/restore deferred until 2.1

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First bugs i encountered:

* Album artwork is messed up on player screen. The colours displayed are like a broken screen.

* System Playlists (media scanner) take forever to load and they don't display album/artist tags, although they do display fine on the player screen

* UI tends to be unresponsive compared to the stable version and getting hot reboots when that happens

* Replay gain when set with prevent clipping, tends to lower the volume all the way down, even when the audio doesn't peak

ps: this beta version solved my m4a issues on huawei u8800 2.3.5 (could it be just corrupted settings? i cleared data before installing Poweramp 2.0 beta)

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Initial things:

1)Can't turn off eq/tone and repeat/shuffle/ratings icons from on top of the album art.

2)Sound quality notably worse with Direct Volume Control enabled (HTC HD2 running Desire HD Rom)

3) Seems very light on treble compared to before. Having to turn treble way up high, bass levels feel VERY high, having to turn down to min.

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Thanks. I've put it onto my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) and it works fine so far.

One thing puzzling me... the only menu options I ever use regularly from the 'song playing' screen are Menu and Delete. I never use the Eq, Search, RIngtone, etc. Why have these two been removed from the initial pop-up menu? This might cause me some near-misses while driving if I do put it onto my phone (which is my main audio device)...

[Oops, spoke too soon... Tapping on the name of the playing song crashes the app rather than taking me to the folders list.]

[update again, added some more music folders via USBN, rescanned, and it seems to work now]


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First impressions - sound is better. The limiter is pretty neat!

Layout is much better and spaced nicely. The settings menu is better too, well laid out.

I experienced a few pops in audio, not sure what it is though. Need more time to be sure.

And that new lock-screen is EPIC! :D

@BT52 -

Can't turn off eq/tone and repeat/shuffle/ratings icons from on top of the album art.

Works for me here.

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This version looks and sounds fantastic! Great work Max! :D

One small problem on my phone (HTC Desire w/ Android 2.3.3):

- The program force closed every time I tried to go into "settings".

- Moved the program from SD-card to the phone and the problem is "solved" (I'm able to go into the settings menu).


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I just downloaded. It is really nice. A few things:

- In UI changes, you show "grid views for lists". What is this, and how do I enable it?

- I can't seem to play songs from a playlist. I go to the library, click playlists, click the playlist, then click the song, and it starts playing a completely different random song. If I then click the song title, it takes me back to the genres list instead of the playlist list. This works fine from every other part of the library, only playlists have a problem.

- When I scroll the albums, the artwork takes a moment to display, even if I had just scrolled past that area a few seconds ago. How many pieces of album artwork does it keep in memory at one time? It doesn't seem to be enough, at most a few screens worth.

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Hmm, have tried rebooting, reinstalling, but still cannot remove the repeat/shuffle icons from on top of the album art or the Eq/Tone ones.

Can't actually see an option for hiding the Eq on/Tone on icons, only for "Always show repeat/shuffle" and "Always show rating".

Edit: Did a full uninstall instead of installing over the top of old one and this time the icons were gone.

BUT, now I can't turn them ON instead!

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Stunned. A great job I must say. Somehow I feel the Album art is not up to the mark where ever album art is found. while quickly scrolling through a list of albums/tracks or quickly changing songs using gestures on album art area, the player takes some time to fetch/display the album art. like it's just reading the file and taking some time processing it. I really hope it is because of caching and that it'll get fixed with time.

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- Interface is much cleaner now. Menu button popup is much more attractive.

- Issue with MIUI (and possibly other roms) with incorrectly-displayed progress bars is still present. This also causes an issue when selecting track rating via always-on rating control. This is not maxmpz's fault, obviously.

- New Lockscreen is really cool. However it seems that it activates after the system unlock on MIUI (still not maxmpz's fault). As in, I press power button, system lock screen is displayed, I unlock, Poweramp lockscreen displays, I unlock, phone unlocks (regardless of Direct Unlock setting)

- Was the "grid view for lists" feature scrapped?

- Album art caching seems problematic in this version - when scrolling folders list, changing album in Player screen or returning to Poweramp player screen from another app, the album art often takes 0.5-1 second to display.

- New landscape display is great! Also love the always-on overlayed rating/shuffle/repeat marker.

- Will song rating be displayed on the widget like Shuffle and Repeat are displayed?


- It is nice that musiXmatch can (usually) find the lyrics instantly, but IMO the entire point is to have them displayed in the Poweramp UI and (optionally?) embedded into ID3 tag...

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@BT52 - Just tap on the album art area once to view or hide the repeat/shuffle icons from on top of the album art..

That doesn't work for me. Tapping the album art shows or hides equilizer, "tone on" button, and star buttons, but the repeat and shuffle buttons are always there. I can see them sliding in and out with the other buttons during the animation, but they are always there anyway.

A quick bug: at least in the aluminum skin, if you touch the area between the shuffle and repeat buttons, it sets the rating for the file, even though the rating icons are not visible. I think it would be better to only set the star rating when the rating icons are visible (so either don't set them when you don't have the "advanced" view, or show the icons all the time). This does not have with the "equ on" or "tone on" buttons.

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Created an account here just to say this:

Incredible. I am well impressed with the new version of Poweramp. The revamped UI is really clean, slick, and most of all, smooth. I especially like the new artwork animations. Excellent job.

I have yet to find any bugs, thought I only installed it minutes ago and just went through all the settings and tried to verify some of the previous issues. Everything installed and is working without a hitch.

The only thing that is not working is the ratings, but I use iSyncr. Could that be the problem?

Nice work. I'd buy it again if I could.

HTC Glacier running CynogenMod 7 Nightly...

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I totally think it is a awesome software. :P

No matter quite many bugs were found.

I am using Galaxy Tab 7

with 1024x600 pixels screen, 2.3.3 Official Rom. ;)

Here are two problems I have found:

1: When there is another app processing with nearly 10% or more CPU usage. What I am listening will suddenly become abnormal. It is similar to a CD player playing a CD with scratching plastic surface. It didn't appeared specifically to only one app. :cry:

2: The size of screen is not fit to 1024x600. I think that it would be better without hiding the notification bar and show everything without scrolling the screen. :cry:

3: Sometimes crashed when I pressed the "Lyric" button and tried to use musiXmatch to show lyrics. :cry:

(To Maxmpz: I have sent two crash reports to you)

And I wanna ask for these functions:

1 : What is the meanings of "Stereo X" , "Limit" in EQ page? :?:

Thank you! :D

From HK :geek:

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Okay, first I gotta say the beta works awesome and sounds AMAZING! I'm running on a HTC Desire Z (Vision) with the CyanogenMod 7.1 RC1 ROM. I also installed this over the 1.4.

Then for some issues and stuff I miss and such:

- Still doesn't recognice lyric tags on FLAC's. The MusiXmatch app linked works quite decently, but I still would like to be able to show the embedded lyric tags rather than have a 3rd party app search an online database.

- UI feels nice, but possibly slightly unresponsive

- I've had 2 force closes, once when first starting up after installing and one the first time I tried the MusiXmatch.

- I miss the option to longpress the bottom menu thingy in the player screen and be taken directly to the folders/libraby main screen

- The direct unlock option still doesn't seem to work too well for me. In earlier versions (using both stock the HTC Sense ROM and CM7) the direct unlock option in bypassed the password causing some the phone overall to behave a bit glitchy. Now it doesn't do anything at all in at least CM7, haven't tried any other ROM. I will still get to the unlock screen and then password.

- I miss the swipe up/down gestured for switching album/folder/playlist, yet the << and >> buttons work just fine.

- Long pressing << and >> used to take you to the first/last folder/playlist/album in the list, I somewhat miss that as well.

That should be it, I haven't experienced any other issues that apparently some people seem to have had,

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Everything seems to be working just great to me. Haven't stumbled upon any crashes or misbehavior whatsoever so far.

There is one thing I would change, though. The top-rated section shows just 100 titles. Why not more? Why not all of my top-rated? Plus, being able to sort songs by starts would be just great. You know, I have just about all my songs rated and sometimes I just feel like listening to 3-star songs and may be to rerate them.

Anyways, great job.

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