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How can I sort the Chinese names by “ Chinese phonetic alphabet”(Pinyin)


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Same question, it would be nice to have phonetical sorting for tags with Chinese contents. However, I suspect this wouldn't appear on PA until quite some time. Since there are some many different character sets out there, no reason to support only Chinese, but also not others, and hope we can see this is a lot of work.

Currently my solution to this is following the track number tag, or make a small playlist when I want to organize a small set of songs.

I am not sure if this feature will be become particularly useful, i.e. you use this all the time. Only scenario you would probably use this is to list every single song under "Song" category, in that case, every song mixes together and I can't think of why would want this?

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There are already many solutions by Chinese users on GitHub:



Although because of the complexity of pronouncing Chinese phrases (same character may have different pronunciations in different situations) , but half a loaf is better than no bread.

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