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Uninstall deletes album art?


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Nooooooo! :cry:

I had an issue with Poweramp finding the songs on my sd with scanning ,but it insists that there was no SD inserted. I decided to uninstall it and restore a Titanium backup. It works fine now, but ALL my album art collected over a matter of months, painstakingly selecting the right pics per song, is now gone!

Does Poweramp delete the album art when uninstalling or did something else go wrong? If it's Poweramp, please change this so we don't lose our precious album art! :shock:

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Guest admin1317926123

Right, this was changed for PowerAMP v2.0.

On 2.3, Android now deletes /Android/data/ directory on uninstallation, this was the "recommended" by Google directory to store the app data :). Now it's sorted for v2.0.


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