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Poweramp skipping last few seconds of tracks in .CUE-based albums


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1 hour ago, danhash said:

I thought the preload just cached the first few seconds of the next track; is it meant to skip the last few seconds?

No, probably not 🙂 . Perhaps not only the next track is preloaded, but also the current one ? And when this finishes, perhaps the preloaded last secs are scuttled ?

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I have this same issue. If a song is the last song in a list, the "Preload Gapless Tracks" value is subtracted from the end of the song. If the value is 2.5 seconds, 2.5 seconds is subtracted from the song's end. If it's 5 seconds, 5 are subtracted, etc.

If the song is NOT the last song in a list:
->If simply progressing to the next song, no noticeable issue.
->If starting a cue, the "Started cue" message pops up the "PreloadGT" number of seconds before the first song in the cue actually starts, but the current song finishes playing correctly.

If "PreloadGT" set to zero seconds, none of these issues.

Phone: Moto G7 Power, Android 9

PA Build: 823

Settings file attached.


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