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Not playing nice with other apps and external audio controls

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Since the 3.0 update I have been having some headaches related to Play/Pause/Seek controls in other apps, and I believe Poweramp is the culprit. As a test, I uninstalled Poweramp and all the problems went away


Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Android Version: 8.0.0

Other apps affected: Pocket Casts, Google Play Music


I will try to explain my headaches below, but the title pretty much explains it all: the 3.0 update has made external media controls all but unusable for any audio app other than Poweramp.

Before 3.0, if I was listening to a podcast on Pocket Casts which I had paused, the podcast would start playing when I connected to my car's Bluetooth. Recently, though, I have not seen the same behavior. Instead, either nothing will start playing when I connect to car Bluetooth, or Poweramp will start playing the most recent thing I was listening to, even if I haven't used Poweramp for several days.

Before 3.0, seek controls on my car stereo worked fine with other apps. After, when I try to use seek with another app I will often hear Poweramp beep and then nothing happens

With my wired headset, I can successfully pause another audio app, but sometimes when I press play Poweramp will start playing instead of the app I just paused, even if it's only been a few seconds and I haven't used Poweramp in a while.


I've looked around for a setting I can adjust to make this better, but haven't come up with anything. Please help

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Same problem here. 

Lenovo Vibe P1

Android 8.1 (AOSP Extended Custom Rom)


After I install Poweramp I can't play any videos on chrome browser. Whenever i press play it plays like 1 millisecond and than automatically pauses.

If i uninstall Poweramp => problem solves.

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