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Hello Guys,
I use Poweramp since my first smartphone (when Nexus 4 was released). Meanwhile I have ~7000 tracks on my phone, often listen to it via a Sony WH-1000XM2 BL-earphones. The quality with the LDAC codec is awesome.

But my problem: I order my tracks in playlists in iTunes, copy the folder-structure to my sd card and export the iTunes playlists and change the file paths.

I have 100 playlists, so it's pretty hard to find a certain playlist. I think playlist folders would be a simple and nice improvement like Spotify.

Does anyone have another idea how to sort my playlists?  Export every playlist in a individually folder takes too long.

Cheers Tim

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You can create your own playlist folder or use the default folder on internal memory called playlists. Simply copy your playlists there and ensure Poweramp scans it. You dont even have to edit, powwramp will read those playlists and use the last part eg /xxxxx/artist/track.mp3 to find the track. The file structure will need to reflect this of course

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2 hours ago, DJTJ said:

Hey guys, I did not mean that. Export/create .m3u playlists works fine.

But with ~100 playlists, it's hard to find and to scroll down in the playlist overview.

So I ask for folders in the playlist overview like Spotify or iTunes

So "playlist folders" mean a hierarchical playlist organisation.

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I came here to ask for this.  iTunes and the iPod (classic at least) used to do this.  (They still might.  I don't use them anymore.)

I could do silly things like make a separate playlist for each side of the White Album (for that "have to turn the record over" experience) and put them in a subfolder without having to clutter up my main level playlist directory.

It also let me break up a big collection by playlist, but keep all of the tracks in a single album.


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