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Automatic shuffle after selecting playlist

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Just a minor annoyance. Whenever i select a playlist widget from my home screen, the playlist is played in order. In order to shuffle the playlist, which i want to do, i have to click the shuffle icon on the bottom right of the screen, after selecting the widget. This will happen again if i select another playlist widget. For some reason, when i do this on my other phone, the playlist is played shuffled, automatically. Any suggestions?



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Thanks for the response, Andre


No. I am using the older version of PA, the version before the last major update, on my other device. PA works the way i want it to when i select a playlist widget on this device. I'm not sure what you mean by "same widget." I'm selecting playlist widgets on both devices, if that helps.

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PA v2 and v3 are completely different apps, with lots of features changed and improved in v3. The behaviour you describe is what I would have expected (i.e. if you play a playlist from an external launcher, the default action would be  to play it in order). The fact that you are running v2 on your other device explains why it behaves differently.

To remain in the currently chosen Shuffle mode , please launch the playlist from the library Playlists view.


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